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We’re crazy about Chez Léon & Lily, the artisanal cookie shop and convenience store!

Mini-museum all about making cookies

We already know that Chez Léon & Lily, convenience store and grocer in the village of Saint-Irénée, knows how to make good cookies! Amaretti, lemon shortbread, and homemade brownies are the sweet “something extra” for our beach getaways, the ideal gift for teachers, or recommended souvenir brought home from a trip to Charlevoix. Now you too can recommend a visit to their shop, and learn how those little bites of happiness are made (or just about) thanks to the new addition for this small family business, a mini-museum about making cookies, at the store!   

Quirky facts presented in a “Did you know?” format, about cookies, a video showing the preparation, a kitchen made more open thanks to large windows, the company’s history, as well as beautifully- and locally illustrated collectors tins that showcase the co-owner’s (Julie Rousset and her father) passion for their cookie shop! 

Inspired by European cookie shops and the famous tins covered in tourist scenes Guy Rousset, originally from France, established himself in this area where, for decades, he managed tourist establishments, partnered with his daughter Julia, who has a real talent for baking. Genetics having endowed both of them with gourmet tastes and a great love of people, they have nurtured a great little village grocer, offering household products, local products, and staple items, in addition to an SAQ [liquor store] counter; in short, everything a village that lost its convenience store some time ago might want! Residents answered the call immediately when the fledgling company took an active part in village life, especially by organizing an outdoor Christmas tree lighting together with the elementary school, new arrivals to the area, and the whole community, a few years back. People just passing through join forces with the locals in ensuring Chez Léon & Lily’s business success. Right across from the magnificent municipal beach, the “dep” [dépanneur] becomes the place to go to get everything needed for a gourmet picnic, including microbrewery beer! In any case, there’s no question about it. Everything here is charming! The logo, the colours, the flavours, the people, and especially the name; maybe you already guessed it: Léon & Lily are Julia’s two bubbly kids. The next generation! A compelling asset as, when they visit Mom and Grandpa’s work Lily already offers customers a warm welcome with her charming smiles; Léon, for his part, makes sure that waste, recycling, and compost has been properly separated in the kitchen, all the better to provide themselves with wide, open, green and clean Charlevoix spaces for years to come!

Tadoussac’s whales, the beach, along with its umbrellas, a colourful “Beetle,” or the Manoir Richelieu: which cookie tin will find its way into your luggage? 
Camille Dufour Truchon, Mark Lindenberg (translation)
Sylvain Foster

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