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Spectacular: Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu & Casino de Charlevoix!

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Amazing, exciting and magical: You’ll feel things more intensely, here!


Amazing, exciting and magical:
You’ll feel things more intensely, here!

Take a majestic landscape, a wide river that changes from emerald-green to royal blue (upon which both waves and belugas dance), dizzying lichen-covered summits in the parks, to the snow-filled canyons surrounding a valley of ice, and a crater in which people have built their lives!

Take a glamorous and historic manor, whose chiselled stone walls inspire dreams of a different time, the poetry of a golden-age resort imbued in each chandelier, in every piece of carved panelling.

Add the bubbles of tinkling champagne flutes, the excitement of the games buzzing in your head, the magic of unexpected fireworks in the night-time dark, the feeling of escape as you wade through clouds of steam in the dead of winter… and there you have it! If you can imagine all this in your head, you’ve probably got a little more of a sparkle in your eye, now. You already have some idea of the excitement that the Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu and Casino de Charlevoix can offer you! 

The combined offering from these two major Charlevoix tourism and entertainment institutions richly deserves to be called spectacular; it promises to be a stay filled with emotion!


Make room for dreams, and for magic…
Enchanting things happen here!

There’s no shortage of dates, circled in gold and following one right after another, on the Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu and Casino de Charlevoix calendars, and no two are the same. Festive seasonal and special events, themed shows and performances follow on each other’s heels, sprinkling a bit of their magic around, every day. And because a sense of wonder can be shared, the locals also do their part to make things festive and, in so doing, demonstrate one of the organization’s core values: commununity! The Fééries (a carnival held at the end of last summer), the Grand Marché en rose (a gourmet gathering in support of breast cancer research), Halloween events, year-end festivities and Easter parties, as well as the Winter Market are just a few of these spectacular events!


Always amazing! So much to do…
During the day, and at night.

Luxurious relaxation and wellness treatments. Outdoor activities for everyone, all year long: top-rated golf course with a spectacular view of the St Lawrence River, walking and snowshoe trails, via ferrata, ice rink, quad and snowmobile rental, and even an astronomical observatory! Thrills are to be found in the Casino de Charlevoix’s vibrant atmosphere. A team dedicated to bringing your events to life with care and attention to detail. To say nothing of everything the Charlevoix region has to offer: skiing, hiking, national parks, whale-watching cruises, tours to see local producers and craftspeople, vistas… Amazement is everywhere!


Tradition, elegance, comfort, and warmth…
A place of historic charms!


like the feeling of wellbeing!

Up high in the mountains of Pointe-au-Pic, where the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu and Casino de Charlevoix are proudly situated, the scent of relaxation is in the air. Maybe it’s the river spray, just below the cliff, a natural promontory providing bird’s eye views for the manor, the latter of which has forged a solid reputation as a resort destination in La Malbaie over the course of previous centuries? But feeling completely at ease lounging around in a chair in front of the large windows with a cup of steaming hot tea in hand never gets old. It could be that the musical notes floating up from the piano in the La Brise bar and into the grand hall sound just as “cozy” as spending the evening in front of the hearth does. It could be that the Adirondack chairs outside are just as comfortable as the ones in the lodge. Even business trips are as heartwarming as a well-deserved weekend away. It goes without saying: when people come here, they feel good!

Classic, elegant rooms, whirlpool tubs with river views, large windows bathed in natural light and set throughout the more-than-a-century-old building, wood heat, thickly-carpeted event rooms, whose chandeliers provide warm light. Cuisine that highlights local products, served in five different restaurants. It’s timeless comfort, combined with a tradition in hospitality that means every person is welcomed as an honoured guest, which is why both the Fairmont Le ­Manoir Richelieu and the Casino de Charlevoix, a former theatre space on the resort site, know how to create amazement, know how to create the spectacular, but also know how to create a true sense of wellbeing. Yet another of the intense feelings you can indulge, when you visit!

Plus de 120 ans de villégiature
For more than 120 years, it has gazed down upon the rocky cape and the deep waters below. For more than a century, it has witnessed the pure joy of its visitors; the vacationers and tourists who turned our landscape into a playground. Firmly grounded between past and future, between salty sea and vast sky, the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu sits proudly upon its hill, filled wall-to-wall with rich history.
Camille Dufour Truchon, Mark Lindenberg (Translation)
Patrice Gagnon, Sylvain Foster, Courtoisie
Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu & Casino de Charlevoix



TELEPHONE : +1 418 665 3703




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