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Are you a child at heart forever, like Peter Pan? “Don’t grow up. It’s a trap,” some say. We hope you’ll never forget to play! Making believe you’re Robinson Crusoe in a cabin perched high in the trees, laughing on a spiral slide; dreaming, eyes fixed on the sky, sitting in front of a campfire, roasting marshmallows… It’s that feeling of wonderment, the thumbing of noses at routines while on vacation, that the playful Hauts-Refuges tourist accommodation promises.

Playground in the forest

It’s that sense of play, maybe that dream of living life at a different pace that pushed Véronique, Steve and their family to pack up and move while the pandemic raged, to build a village above ground… About 10 feet off the ground, to be precise! Not far from the village of Les Éboulements, the forest has now become a tourist haven, offering a charming canopy, accessible only by short footpaths. This place hovers in the air, some of the cabins connected to earth by slides, leftovers from old playgrounds belonging to a very well-known yellow-arched seller of fast food! In short, a true playground in the forest!

Perfectly suited to families, the ready-to-camp cabins (able to accommodate up to six people) at Hauts Refuges include several beds, some of which are located in the mezzanine. If the dream has yet to be fully realized, with sanitary facilities and a community kitchen coming soon, it’s no less functional as-is, with a true understanding of what “family vacations” involve!

The ecotourism area dreamt up by Steve Horman, his family, and his partner offers a year-round opportunity to connect to nature; equipped with wood stoves, Haut-Refuges’ units can also be enjoyed in the snow. In this video clip, discover the newest addition, the La chouette cabin, in winter, surrounded by a carpet of white and a forest of firs, branches weighed down by snow.

Haut-Refuges - La Chouette
Camille Dufour Truchon, Mark Lindenberg (Translation)
Patrice Gagnon
Youssef Hallouly (courtoisie Hauts Refuges), Patrice Gagnon
Les Hauts Refuges

760 rang Sainte Catherine
Les Éboulements (Québec), G0A 2M0, Canada

+1 (418) 635-2329


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