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Sainti, Here We Come!

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The sandy Saint-Irénée beach, along with the vista it offers was, for them, a life-saving sanctuary during months of pandemic isolation. On this beach, they said “Yes,” to one another, as well as to a new lifestyle… that of hotel and restaurant owners in a village whose few inhabitants offered a warm welcome to their venture: Le Sainti. A wine bar and tables full of local products practically sitting on the beige sand at low tide!

Le Sainti

Eve Poisson and Luc Pouliot took the big leap and said yes to a new life in this small hamlet by the seaside, as people here like to call the river. “Sainti” is a casual abbreviation of Saint-Irénée, usually used when inviting someone to a day at the beach, as in: “Coming to Sainti with me?” But, since they fell in love with the pace of life here after having spent part of the pandemic in a family cottage in the village, the invitation to “come to Sainti” carries with it implications that are much more delicious than the usual picnic on the beach! 

With Luc’s background as a restaurateur, the pair invested in the beachside hotel and its dining room, formerly known as “La Flacatoune,” by making it one of the most desirable places to go eat, when hunger hits! For Eve, the business venture is a career change, but for Luc, who loves his work in the wine cellar with a passion, it is more like a renewal of vows! 

Wine and local products

Ciabatta or foccacia fresh from the oven, charcuterie and cheese boards, and even fresh oysters mignonette, or au gratin, topped with melted local cheese, to make that pre-dinner drink last… Drinks enhanced by a quirky, alternately herbal and fruity, but always refreshing cocktails card, helping to tackle the sun’s heat when on the terrace.

Follow this with appetizers and mains intricately assembled around local ingredients and the latest kitchen trends, some of them vegetarian, some carnivore and several, inspired by the coastal landscape, will appeal to those who enjoy fish! No matter the choice, the relaxed, hip seaside atmosphere will accompany the flavours just as subtly as the wine pairings suggested by Luc himself. While the salt air provides the perfect ambiance for dinner on the terrace, the dining room blends sailors’ rope with black-and-white photos of the producers and craftspeople behind the best ingredients, a trend we are happy to see return, along with the faces of our favourite farmers and gardeners! And the room is the perfect place for conversation, over which Eve’s lively laugh can sometimes be heard, as she ably winds her way between tables. Some cheese, a refreshing dessert, followed by a little time to digest, with a last walk on the beach.

Expérience Charlevoix

More than just a table to dine at, the experience offered by Eve and Luc also includes cozy accommodations; the hotel Le 362 next door has been renovated, putting its best foot forward for guests who want to treat themselves to the full experience, overnighting in lofts that look directly out onto the St. Lawrence River. Falling asleep to the sound of waves on the shore, drinking a cup of coffee on the balcony at sunrise, and heading out for a jog on the beach: that’s what Expérience Charlevoix offers.

Meet this entrepreneurial couple and learn about their business journey in these video clips produced for the Charlevoix-Est RCM’s Mission Développement Charlevoix.
Mission Développement Charlevoix - Le Sainti
Camille Dufour Truchon, Mark Lindenberg (Translation)
Patrice Gagnon
Sylvain Foster et courtoisie
Le Sainti et Le 362

To find us:
150 chemin des bains,
Saint-Irénée, Québec, QC,
G0T 1V0

(418) 452-9266

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