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Oui Oui - buvette forestière

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Yes, yes! A refreshment booth. Yes, yes! In the forest. 
And yes, you’ll find it in Charlevoix!

Take everything highly Instagrammable. The best hashtags, the nicest views. The conifers and the mountain, simple and modern Scandinavian architecture, pine planks on the vertical, seasonal vegetable spreads, good local and craft beverages, vintage dishes, vaguely retro caps, wildflowers and Mason jars… Throw in #foodiegram #campinglife #homemade #greatoutdoors. Combine each of these things, add three young businesswomen, some focaccia, and a Menaud-brand beer; shake these “dice” in your hand, blow on them for good luck, and you won’t end up rolling two sixes, but you’ll get two yesses: Oui Oui - buvette forestière. A new foodie destination located in the middle of the forest, in the far reaches of Sainte-Agnès. Was finding themselves here, involved this venture, a follow-up to their first location, Oui Oui - Café in Quebec City’s Limoilou neighbourhood, just a roll of the dice? Almost… A kind of twist of fate proposed by Yannick Cimon-Mattar, owner of the cabins and ready-to-camp units at Territoire Charlevoix! A fan of Oui Oui’s city location, he approached them to open a “little sister” to that cool spot right inside his outdoor tourism enterprise’s reception building. The charm offensive seems to have worked really well, as the newest, friendliest foodie destination in the deep woods opened on July 14; since then, they’ve served campers in situ, visitors just passing through (and the local fauna) something delicious, morning and evening. 





A.− Petit café; petit local ou simple comptoir aménagé. à l'intérieur ou auprès d'un établissement public et où l'on sert des boissons et des repas légers. [Little café; small room or single counter, within or near a public establishment from which drinks or light meals are served.]






Drink well, eat well, live well: That’s the mantra of the three ladies working behind the counter with a view of the mountains in the Charlevoix backcountry! Marion Desgagnés, Amélie Lauzon and Virginie Houde-Briand can hardly wait for this newly inaugurated location to get even busier! To give it life, to spark happy encounters at happy hour, to provide campers a good start to their day. 





Catalysts for these magic moments: slabs of cake, good coffee, Menaud brewery and distillery products, wines from the Famille Migneron’s Domaine Charlevoyou, village cider from the Les travaux & les jours cidery, home-made focaccia topped with cream cheese, sliced veggies, tapenade with lovage, tomato sauce, and ham… In short, an appetizing variety of spreads! 




Far from a fad, even if the pic is perfect for posting on “Insta,” you can feel that their approach is a sincere one. The warmth in evidence on opening night was enough to believe in the authenticity of both the flavours and the welcome. Whether for an evening or several days in the tent, we’ll follow the road into the woods and answer Territoire Charlevoix’s forest call, as well as that of the new Oui Oui - buvette forestière location!


If you find yourself in the forest today, the wildlife won't be the only ones foraging for food!

Camille Dufour Truchon, Mark Lindenberg (Translation)
Sylvain Foster

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