Crater and Tides

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This is a place where two neighbouring communities are tight-knit and allow themselves to reimagine what they are, with no squabbles between them. It’s a ribbon of coastline swept by tides, where the only thing bigger than the river are the smiles of the people who live near it! Beaches, artists’ studios, trails, farms, feasts, and historic villages all play a part in making Charlevoix’s river-hugging road a lively one; this territory is called the Crater and Tides district!

Village Life

Les Éboulements - Saint-Irénée

They say it takes a village to raise a child; here, we have two closely-connected villages in which authenticity, craftsmanship ,and a welcoming spirit are passed on with heartfelt generosity to curious travellers from all over the world… Farmers’ markets, crafts markets, village or music festivals, festivals of the sea: you’ll find we welcome you with open arms; make yourselves at home here, enjoy yourselves!



Stop in Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive to discover our options for a nice walk, our museums, and our heritage. Wander through the stores and studios that stretch the length of Route 362. Fall asleep in the great outdoors at Les Éboulements. Enjoy its beaches, its delicacies, and sea kayaking at Saint-Irénée. Bite into our vegetables, taste our cookies... In this place, life is good, simple, and authentic; all you’ve got to do is enjoy it!

For All Seasons

The rugged landscape, compliments of the meteorite, offers people a playground they can explore all year long. Snowshoes, cross-country skiing, dog-sledding and skating rinks join the indoor climbing park, performance venue, cookie shop, crafts, and good restaurants to be discovered in winter. Did you say beaches, casse-croute [snack bars], treetop adventures and alpaca-trekking? Sunny days also have so much to offer you!

Camille Dufour Truchon, Mark Lindenberg (Translation)
Steve Pépin (Travel with Steve), Patrice Gagnon, Raphael Bilodeau

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