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From one day to the next, the sun at its peak doesn’t provide as much heat as it did yesterday. And just yesterday, the scent of sun-warmed hay filled the air. But today, the aromas of dried leaves and over-ripe fruit fallen from trees and bushes drifts on the wind. Even the dawn feels heavy and wet, laden with dew. The green is slowly fading away. Slowly, the beaches empty of people, and low tide becomes a quiet time, when the herons stare at passing walkers on the beach who are starting to wear more layers. Darkness comes earlier in the day, falling on summer homes whose shutters have closed, whose gardens have wilted. Vacationers may have come and gone, summer residents have once again put their beach chairs and striped umbrellas in storage… but that doesn’t mean Charlevoix’s getting ready to hibernate: It’s busy getting into its warm and vibrant colours, getting ready to dazzle!

Autumn in Charlevoix

Before too long, it’ll be time to head over to the orchard for the annual picture! Soon, young and old alike will delight in the sound made by piles of fallen leaves crunching beneath their feet. And fall means a return to cocooning, the warmth of home! It’ll be fun to pull on a woolen sweater, climb the peaks in fresh, pure air, and light the kindling of the first fire of the season, while waiting for the warmer autumn weather.

At Go Charlevoix, we’re in love with this season of creature comforts, and can’t wait for the streets to smell like wood-smoke, apples, and fall leaves. Go ahead: wear your checkered scarf, wrap your hands around a steaming mug of something warm, bake your squash, enjoy the forest’s gradually reddening hues. On our fall program: terroir [local products] and harvest-time, welcoming homes, alpaca wool, reconnection, and arts and crafts…

With the orange-red harvest moon having risen over Charlevoix, we see life through amber-coloured glasses! You’re welcome to enjoy this warm and cozy blend of Go Charlevoix, just in time for the vine and crop harvest season, and the season of colourful leaves.

Camille Dufour Truchon, Mark Lindenberg (translation)
Patrice Gagnon

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