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Pays'art Pêcheries Charlevoix and Alexandra Ratté

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Julie Gauthier de Pêcheries Charlevoix nous amène à la rencontre d'une tradition quasi oubliée: la pêche à la fascine. Découvrir cette pratique, apprendre qu’une telle tradition survie au monde moderne, voilà l’inspiration sur ce projet coup de coeur de la potière aux créations ludiques et colorées Alexandra Ratté.

Weir fishing

In the river up to her waist, buffeted by waves, a singing Julie Gauthier swings her dip net back and forth, surrounded by the high sides of the structure that hold the nets used for time-honoured weir fishing. At one time, this was a tradition you could see practised on many Charlevoix beaches, but today it is almost completely relegated to the past. When her aging father and uncles wanted to close down the family fishery, there was never a question in Julie’s mind of stopping.

In the spring, it’s as lively as the capelin along the shoreline, as the processing of this species of smelt keeps everyone busy. And Julie has plenty of ideas about keeping things going all year long, for the l’Anse-au-Sac family business.



Extérieur des pêcheries Charlevoix Saint-Irénée



And for Alexandra Ratté (a maker of fun, colourful pottery creations), discovering this practice, learning that this kind of tradition has survived into the modern world was the inspiration for this cherished project. In her Deschambeault studio, she has silkscreened, shaped, glazed and fired a truly miraculous school of little fish meant to dance in the river wind at Pêcheries Charlevoix, an area the artist particularly loves, as much for the outdoors, as well as the landscapes.

Listen to the waves roll in, see the blue-green waters of the St. Lawrence, then learn about the artistry in her crafting of functional pottery.



It was inspiring to see that it could still be done; I found it beautiful to chronicle this for myself, and to see that the fisheries were swimming against the currents in the industry, fishing quotas.

Alexandra Ratté
Pays'art Pêcheries Charlevoix et Alexandra Ratté

Pays’Art, a project initiated by both Charlevoix regional county municipalities, encourages conversations suffused with the beauty to be found where art and agriculture meet… An encounter with creative works in scenic surroundings!

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Intérieur Boutique Créations Ratté
Alexandra Ratté Boutique Deschambeault
Enseigne Créations Ratté petite fabrique de céramique
Voiture vintage lettrée Créations Ratté
Poterie utilitaire sérigraphiée Alexandra Ratté
Section de la boutique Créations Ratté
Poissons en céramique en boutique
Créations Ratté couleurs pantone
Fleuve fanion et bateau Charlevoix
Pays'art 2021 Pêcheries Charlevoix
Camille Dufour Truchon, Mark Lindenberg (translation)
Patrice Gagnon (caméra et réalisation) Camille Dufour Truchon (montage)
Sylvain Foster
Pêcheries Charlevoix

1845 Chem. de l'Anse-au-Sac, Saint-Irénée, QC G0T 1V0

(418) 808-4224

Petits Capelans

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