Bosco Charlevoix

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The Charlevoix-Est RCM is a place that offers up a world of possibilities! Offering the helping hand needed to fully realize this potential is a big part of the Mission développement Charlevoix team’s work in the Charlevoix-Est RCM. We’re introduced to Bosco Charlevoix, a fledgling company, by its co-owners, who have benefited from this valuable start-up assistance!

Welcome to Roxanne and Antoine’s place! …and Bosco’s! It’s also home to 24 more furry companions: it’s a lively kennel full of dogs, located at the foot of the rocky Palissades mountains in Saint-Siméon, where venturing out in winter and cutting through its blanket of white in a sled is fantastic fun! To the sounds of barking and dog sledding commands, we encounter a playful pack of dogs, engaging humans, and some magnificently wild territory.

But that’s not all: Bosco Charlevoix provides you with yet another way to fully discover the recreational potential of the area, thanks to introductions to and excursions in ocean-going kayaks, in both summer and winter!

Supported in their business start-up efforts by Mission développement Charlevoix’s team in the Charlevoix-Est RCM, Roxanne and Antoine couldn’t be happier, having chosen to settle here!

Bosco Charlevoix
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